I N A B I E R S T E D T: Was die Farbe verrät
Fragmentarische Gedanken von Harald F. Theiss
PDF Was die Farbe verrät
© Harald F. Theiss

On Revealing and Concealing
The recent works of Ina Bierstedt
© Claudia Beelitz, 2021
PDF Claudia Beelitz: On Revealing and Concealing

Mirrored Windows / Text by Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, published 2017 in catalogue Mirrored Windows / Remote Corners / Translation by Michelle Alperin

Ina Bierstedt – Mirrored Windows William Wordsworth – Memory
As aptly, also, might be given A Pencil to her hand;
That, softening objects, sometimes even Outstrips the heart's demand;
That smooths foregone distress, the lines Of lingering care subdues,
Long-vanished happiness refines, And clothes in brighter hues

Mirrored windows return the gaze. Mirroring is not just an optical phenomenon, but alsoa mental one, because reflections never come into view on their own. ...more

BETWEENText by Bettina Carl:Ina Bierstedt: Malerei

To open one's eyes, to shut one's eyes, to drink a glass of water. Then the lights turn red: Look to the left, walk to the right, sleep. It has to be said that there are no eyes nor traffic lights or glasses in Ina Bierstedt's paintings. But there seem to be certain speeds of looking/seeing/vision developing behind the view as such. Her painted spaces can function as side paths with sightseeing platforms along the way moving from thinking to the body and back. Through layers of paint with various densities, inbetween architectural and more organic textures, solitary figurative elements appear, too. Yet they do not work as depictions, they are rather effective as quotes. The landscapes in Ina Bierstedt's paintings seem to shift, to hesitate on a point that might be located either closely in front or behind an imaginary space. So, we'll wait a little and then see what happens? ©Bettina Carl, 2004

NO REVERIESText by Christine Humpl, 2008, published in catalogue "second",
2008 ©Christine Humpl, 2008

Ina Bierstedt’s painting has become quieter in recent years. There are hardly any stencil-like human or animal components. Nature and architecture now dominate ...more

GREAT UNRESOLVED CASESText by Bettina Carl , 2007, published in catalogue „Förderkohle“, 2007 and in "second", 2008 © Bettina Carl, 2007
Ina Bierstedt explores the lyrical potential of painting. Given that the medium has been freed of its formerly representational functions, painting itself becomes the source and the motif of her landscapes, instead of a reference to real or reproduced spaces. ...more

LANDSCAPES IN THE BLINK OF AN EYEText by Melanie Franke, 2005, published in brochure "Ina Bierstedt - Paintings 2002 - 2005" ©Melanie Franke, 2005
In Ina Bierstedt's pictures, the eyes of the viewer wander over landscapes, look into distant celestial spheres, dive into deep pools and swampy lakes, and glide over reflecting water. ...more

TEXT VON CHRISTINE HUMPLvon 2005, erschienen im Katalog "hotspots", anlässlich der gleichnamigen Ausstellung im Museum Essl, 2005/2006, ©Christine Humpl, 2005
Die in Berlin lebende Malerin Ina Bierstedt baut aus versatzstückartigen, in den Proportionen verzerrten Motiven, Landschaften aus Acryl und Öl. ...more

TEXT VON MACHA ROESINK THE PAINTER OF MODERN LIFE in Museum De Paviljoens, published in brochure of the exhibition, ©Macha Roesink, 2005
When you look at the paintings of Ina Bierstedt, you may experience a 3-D effect. In spite of their small size, these works offer a multitude of perspectives. To the viewer, it sometimes seems as if the background of the landscape has been drawn closer through binoculars, while the foreground is in sharp focus. ...more